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*Memberships are per calendar-year (Jan 1st to Dec 31st.)
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Membership Benefits:

Calendar-year membership (From Jan 1st-Dec 31st)

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  • Attendance to CABMET Symposium/training classes
  • Colorado residents receive a discounted rate to AAMI Study Course*Limited to one-year, one purchase per person*
  • Other benefits as stated in the Bylaws

General Qualifications
Any individual or organization who is actively involved in medical equipment: repair, development, patient care, teaching, managing, or research and who subscribes to the purposes of the Association, agrees to abide by its Bylaws and meets such other criteria for membership as may be established by the Executive board, shall be eligible for membership.

Membership Type Specific Qualifications Price Apply
Active Membership (2022)

An individual working as a BMET who has completed: recognized equipment courses, ICC Certification or a fundamental general BMET course. Also included are field service engineers, biomedical engineers, clinical engineers, and other people working in the biomedical equipment technology field.

**Employers: When purchasing multiple memberships for personnel through the website, please include all member names in checkout notes.

Associate Membership (2022)

Associate members are individuals that do not qualify as an Active Member but is a current student or have an active interest in the Health Care Community. Associate members shall have all privileges of membership except the right to vote, hold office, or serve on committees.