CABMET's CBET Study Check

Are you ready to take your CBET exam? Do you have what it takes to be a biomed in a hospital? Are you close to completion of a biomedical degree or certificate? Then test your knowledge with our CBET study check, including flashcards and a crossword puzzle!

Crossword Puzzle

Tired of boring flashcards? Try out CABMET’s unique crossword puzzle drawing from a similar pool of topics to the flashcards! There are 10 randomly drawn terminology questions out of a pool of hundreds. Simply refresh the page to draw a new pool of words. Enjoy!



CABMET officially unveils over 300 flashcards covering 6 distinct topics for the CBET exam, from Anatomy and Physiology to Healthcare Information Technology! Click on any heading below and go through our flashcards with a twist; incorrect flashcards will be placed into a pool that you can review during subsequent rounds of review, offering repeated learning, one of the most beneficial memorization techniques.

How Does it Work?

Our flashcards are unique in that they are catered towards memorization through repetition by providing multiple rounds of learning. On the first round you will be exposed to all flashcards of your chosen category, with subsequent rounds showing only your self-rated incorrect cards.

Alternatively, if you prefer regular flashcards, click the “Swap Flashcard Type” button below to switch them to regular flashcards (note this will reset your progress!).