CABMET Study Group sold to AAMI

In August 2019, the renowned CABMET Study Group was sold to AAMI. We would like to thank Dave Scott, the CABMET Study Group Organizer, for all of his years of dedication to the CABMET Study Group. Dave’s unique class outline and study guide has helped many individuals obtain their certifications in the furtherance of their careers.

Dave has also dedicated countless hours to CABMET over the years. Thank you, Dave. Great job!

Dave Scott, CBET Study Group Organizer

CBET Study Course from AAMI

CABMET Members residing in Colorado may purchase a coupon code for the AAMI Study Course for $150. Regular price is $250, or $200 for AAMI Members. This offer will be in place until October 2022.

To purchase the coupon code:

  1. Verify your membership
  2. Email us – include the following:
    -Your Name
    -Your full address (to verify Colorado residency)
    -Your phone # (optional)
    -Advise that you would like to purchase the coupon code
  3. You will receive a PayPal invoice from CABMET in the amount of $150
  4. Upon payment of the invoice and verification of your address, CABMET will email you with the coupon code to be used at checkout on the AAMI store

*You will need to create a login profile with AAMI to use their store
**A paid membership with AAMI is not required

Please keep in mind that this is not an automated process and your response will not be instantaneous. Contact us with any questions/concerns.

Thank you